Concrete Cutting Services

Core Drilling

We create core holes up to 1 000 mm in diameter in all solid materials with the use of high-quality specialty tools. Our vibration-free and clean power they support in your building and construction phase. In particular we address customer requirements that lead to your satisfaction.

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Our know-how and the state allows us sawing openings up to a cutting depth of 920 mm to customize. With particularly strong saws that were specially made for us, we easily separate concrete, reinforced concrete and other solid material.

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Wire Saws

With our powerful cuts from wire saw we create a cutting depth of 600 mm. This technique is particularly applicable to openings in which no over-cutting may be made. We use the wire saw during the separation of thick walls, beams, foundations and bridges.

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Joint Cutting

With our joint cutters, we are able to separate floor plates up to 320 mm. The technology we use at work vagina of asphalt and cement surfaces, highway surfaces and reinforced concrete floors with heavy reinforcement.

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