• Core Drilling
    We create core holes up to 1 000 mm in diameter in all solid materials with the use of high-quality specialty tools.
  • Sawmill
    Our know-how and the state allows us sawing openings up to a cutting depth of 920 mm to customize
  • Wire Saws
    With our powerful cuts from wire saw we create a cutting depth of 600 mm.
  • Joint Cutting
    With our joint cutters, we are able to separate floor plates up to 320 mm.

Welcome To Concrete Cutting Specialists

We are specialist in cutting concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry using powerful diamond tools. Our expert team will help you realize your projects quickly and reliably. Our company delivers expertise and innovative technology. Customer satisfaction is our priority.
Therefore, we are among the best in this industry.

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Our applications range on creating openings, wall openings, ceiling openings, core drilling, wire sawing, balcony and bridge divisions.

Advanced & Innovative

Leis Beton Trennung Video Using innovative technology, we guarantee shock and dust-free execution.

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